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At the last sabbath of every month, we ask our members to direct their funds & contributions towards the church construction. Each attendee is given a white envelope to place their donations and the total accumulated sum is announced the following sabbath. Members are also at liberty to donate during every other sabbath where they can request the white envelope.

Members can pledge contributions of any kind that is beneficial towards the project such as; cement, sand, brick, money etc.

Our Biggest Accomplishment!

The estimated cost for our new building is around $2.8 Million. The members of Magomeni have gracefully contributed over $2.6 Million and continue to do so.

On Nov 28th 2020, we raised $30k. This will cover the costs to finalise the phase before moving in this New Year.

We appreciate donations from all of Christ’s children. You can chip in using the link below.

National Bank of Commerce (NBC): SDA Church Magomeni: 022101002678 or Mobile Company No.: 5949894


As we approach the new year, we expect to complete Interior works. This includes the following works: Tiling, Windows & Doors, Pulpit, Baptistery, Seating, Ceiling & Lighting, and Painting & Decor. Magomeni will have state of the art soundproofing & heat insulation to reduce noise and heat respectively. As shown in the drawings, the windows will be operable to allow for natural ventilation. A notable feature is our illustrious pulpit which will feature a fountain that springs out water that gives life. All this is made possible through your generous donations.