As a continuation of the Reach the World strategic planI Will Go offers something for the whole church—local churches, missions, conferences, unions, divisions, the General Conference, and institutions. It’s a tool to help the Church be more focused and effective in answering God’s call for us to witness to unreached people around the world.

Minimum Contribution

Our budget for the coming Camp Meeting is TSh 145,800,500.00. This will cover all costs throughout the duration of the camp.

The minimum contribution has not changed from the previous years. It is our hope that everyone can reach this target. We also pray that those blessed with more can surpass their minimum contributions and bring more so that this camp meeting will be not only better than the last but will save more souls.

If you cannot meet the minimum contribution, you can contribute other items that can be used in the camp such as vegetables, fruits, cement, wood etc. We will not stop anyone from worshipping with us during the meeting just because they have not met their minimum contribution. God’s word is free for everyone to hear!

Reservation TypeMinimum Contribution
Adult TZS 100,000
Child TZS 50,000


This year, we will be camping together in a camp style at our campus in Kwembe. Preparations are already underway to clear the campsite. All essential amenities such as bathrooms, toilets, & electricity will be provided on site along with private and local security to ensure your safety during the camp. More details will be provided via the church announcements.


We expect the majority of attendees to be camping together but if unfortunately you will not be able to camp with us, we have arranged transport from the Church to Kwembe that will be available from July 29th to August 7th when the camp has ended.

We will also have parking space for up to 100 passenger vehicles on site for those who will opt to use their own mode of transport.

The previous camp meeting was the best camp I’ve attended in a very long time. Everything from the scheduling to activities and the speakers remains to be an unforgettable memory in my heart.

I cannot wait to set up my tent this camp meeting. I can only imagine how the atmosphere will be filled with joy and excitement as we join together to worship and praise our God.