Christopher Ungani

Strength In Unity

On the sabbath morning of September 9th 2017, John Pombe Magufuli, the president of the Republic of Tanzania, attended a special Sabbath worship service celebrating the construction of the new Magomeni Adventist church, the first established in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Church leaders Joseph Mngwabi, president of the East-Central Tanzania Conference and Herbert Nziku, president of the South-East Tanzania Conference, also attended the ceremony.

Magufuli was impressed by the message given by Mark Malekana, president of the Southern Tanzania Union Mission. Addressing Malekana, Magufuli said, “I thank you for the excellent sermon that you have preached today. Church denominations, including Seventh-day Adventist, make a significant contribution to our nation, and I assure you that the government will continue to cooperate with you.”

Magufuli personally contributed Tsh 5 Million and 400 bags of cement to erect the building. He also conducted an impromptu fundraising campaign for the building project and raised nearly Tsh 25.3 Million.

In his tributes, Malekana thanked Magufuli for joining the church members at the Sabbath worship and contributing to the church construction. Malekana concluded the service with a special prayer of consecration for the nation and the president.

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